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boolean net::sf::json::JSONArray::getBoolean ( int  index  )  [inline]

Get the boolean value associated with an index. The string values "true" and "false" are converted to boolean.

index The index must be between 0 and size() - 1.
The truth.
JSONException If there is no value for the index or if the value is not convertable to boolean.

Definition at line 1915 of file JSONArray.java.

Referenced by optBoolean().

      Object o = get( index );
      if( o != null ){
         if( o.equals( Boolean.FALSE )
               || (o instanceof String && ((String) o).equalsIgnoreCase( "false" )) ){
            return false;
         }else if( o.equals( Boolean.TRUE )
               || (o instanceof String && ((String) o).equalsIgnoreCase( "true" )) ){
            return true;
      throw new JSONException( "JSONArray[" + index + "] is not a Boolean." );

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